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Ultimate Solo Ads Guide

Best Solo Ad Sellers: Where To Buy Solo Ads For Any Niche

Best Solo Ad Sellers

The final part of my Ultimate Solo Ads guide teaches you how to buy solo ads from solo ad sellers, for any niche and on any budget.

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Ultimate Solo Ads Guide

Mastering email marketing: Follow-up strategies that make sales

Email Marketing

I slapped my first solo ad buy on my dad’s credit card. It was my first step into the world of email marketing and paid ads. I promised to pay it off with the money I made, but he and I both knew I couldn’t guarantee that. He agreed anyway, because he loves me.

The solo bombed. I didn’t make a sale.

Since now I had skin in the game, I tinkered with my sales copy and convinced my dad to buy another solo for me.

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Ultimate Solo Ads Guide

How to use affiliate marketing programs to make money with solo ads

On August 18th 2017 John Chow sent out an email saying he broke $900,000 in affiliate marketing commissions with MOBE.

John Chow Record

That works out to $4,097.74 per day or $174.74 an hour for every hour of the day.

John says that MOBE has become his #1 income stream. It has allowed him to drive a Mercedes SL550, Jaguar F-Type and now Tesla Model X for free and it helped him buy a $2,000,000 dream house in cash. It even, he claims, helped him get his son Charlie into one of the top 50 private schools in America. Go John!

John Chow believes MOBE is the best thing that ever happened to him…

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Ultimate Solo Ads Guide

Solo ads tracking: Right way to track your solo ad buys

Solo Ads Tracking

I hope I don’t need to sell you on the importance of solo ads tracking for your funnel.

Even the thickest marketers know they can’t improve what they don’t measure.

Ironically, when it comes to tracking – just like working out – everyone knows how important it is yet few actually do it.

Knowing how important physical exercise is for your health doesn’t mean you’ll hit the gym 3 times a week.

Why don’t marketers track? Why do they refuse to do it in spite of knowing how much more money they’ll make?

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Ultimate Solo Ads Guide

Best Affiliate Offer For Making Money With Solo Ads

Affiliate Offer For Solo Ads

In the previous chapter of this ‘Ultimate Guide’ series I introduced you to the Perfect Solo Ads Sales Funnel.

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Ultimate Solo Ads Guide

How to build the perfect solo ads funnel

Solo Ads Funnel

When it comes to building a solo ads funnel, the big question on everyone’s mind is usually the same…

How do you build a funnel that converts like gangbusters?

And the second question that closely follows…

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Ultimate Solo Ads Guide

Traffic secrets of the world’s highest-paid super affiliates

affiliate marketing traffic

When I first got into affiliate marketing in 2009, I had no clue about how to get traffic online, let alone affiliate marketing traffic. All I wanted was to become a super affiliate.

It’s a term used to describe affiliate marketers who make $10,000 per month.

$10,000 per month is a magic number. It’s like the smell of mama’s pie cooling on the window sill. You can smell it from miles away. It reminds you how hungry you are. It consumes your attention until nothing matters more than getting a piece of the pie. But you can’t have it. It needs to cool. And besides, you haven’t had dinner yet.

I envied marketers whose names glittered on the product launch leaderboards. They were making more money, had more freedom and lived life with gusto.

Incidentally, the leaderboard didn’t change from launch to launch. It seemed like there were couple dozen super affiliates who always outsold the rest of us.

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