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Does buying solo ads still work in 2018?

Buying Solo Ads 2018

As much as I love buying solo ads (and of course, selling!), I am the first to admit there’s no one size fits all traffic source.

Because even though email traffic is one of the most profitable ways to get new leads and turn old leads into new customers, you must recognize what traffic method is ideal for your online business by asking yourself the following questions..

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Solo Ads

How to generate 50% opt-in rates with a solo ad squeeze page

Solo Ad Squeeze Page

Common marketing wisdom instructs us – Keep It Simple, Stupid. This wisdom also holds true when it comes to building a solo ad squeeze page.

If you want to make maximum money in minimum time, you should never complicate things for your potential customer.

There’s always the risk your prospect may get confused, bored or discouraged and take their money elsewhere.

You should make it easy to order.

You should be crystal clear about what you’re selling.

And you should never waste your buyers’ time.

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Solo Ads

Do solo ads work for anyone besides people selling them?

Do Solo Ads Work

Do solo ads really work? If not, why is everyone talking about them? If they do, how do you know if they’ll work for you without dropping thousands of dollars on traffic tests?

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Solo Ads

Why you should avoid buying traffic on a solo ad marketplace

Solo Ad Marketplace

When I started buying solo ads, there was no solo ad marketplace.

When you Googled “solo ads” nothing came up.

There were just a bunch of safelists and traffic exchanges selling fake email drops.

The only way to get clicks was to be invited into a secret Skype room where a handful of solo ad sellers hung out and sold clicks to each other.

There was no Fiverr, no Udimi, no solo ad directories.


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Solo Ads

Biz opp traffic – Should I pay for it or get it free?

Biz Opp Traffic

Affiliate marketing is awesome.

Its probably one of the best businesses you can build online.

You don’t have to create products, do customer support or even think about tracking. Office space? Employees? Forget about it! It’s the best way to live the laptop lifestyle.

Just send lots of targeted biz opp traffic to your affiliate links and you’re good to go!

And this is where the only challenge with affiliate marketing lies – how do you get good traffic?

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Solo Ads

How I got scammed by a two-face solo ad scam artist

Nobody’s safe from solo ad traffic SCAMs.

Even grizzled marketing vet like me walks into traffic trap every now and again.

It happens because the Solo Ad marketplace is like the wild-wild west. It’s not regulated. There’s no agency or big brother to watch over everyone’s shoulder. There’s no rules of conduct.

But most importantly – there’s no Justice.

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Solo Ads

Why an average solo ad conversion rate doesn’t exist

Conversion Rate

One of the most annoying questions that I get as a traffic provider is “What’s the average conversion rate for <insert offer here>?”

People think I’m supposed to know this stuff.

But worse, they believe there is such a thing as an average conversion rate.

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