10 Solo Ad Clicks Profit Boosting Hacks

Solo Ad Clicks

Solo ad sellers are to internet marketing beginners what mermaids are to sailors because they’re seductive and deadly at the same time. Anyone who ever struggled with getting leads using social media, Facebook ads or Google AdWords, when first discovers solo ad clicks, is in awe with their speed, simplicity and scalability potential. Innocent online business owners flock to solo ad sellers like ships that were lost at sea for half a decade flock to a distant spotlight. They seek hope and salvation. They find nearly-certain death.

In part, it happens because many solo ad clicks sellers are scammers. These click-pushing scumbags line their pockets by offering fake and low quality traffic to their unsuspecting counterparts. Even experienced solo ad clicks buyers aren’t immune to getting scammed for tens of thousands of dollars. How’s that possible? Aren’t there ways to get protected from solo ad scams? Yes, there are certain steps you can take to shield yourself from getting scammed by solo ad conmen. But just like a parasite virus, the traffic scammers evolve constantly. They come up with new ways to present fake traffic as real visitors all the time. However, there’s another reason why many people struggle to buy solo ads that convert. And it’s entirely their own fault.

Solo ad clicks are, hands down, one of the best ways to get high-quality leads for your business.

It’s the perfect traffic source for any niche-market offer. They’re a god send for affiliate marketers who don’t have an email list of their own. They’re a breath of fresh air for info marketers who want to acquire new customers fast without the help of joint venture partners or dropping $10,000 on ad network tests. Yes, they’re all these things and more. But at the end of the day – they’re just another traffic source. Because just like any other traffic source, they require real effort on the advertiser’s part to deliver stellar results. There’s no magic button you can push to make solo ads convert. Think of it as the complete opposite of unboxing your new iPhone X.

Here are the 10 things you can do to make more sales with solo ad clicks. Some will get you a higher bump than others, but all are important. Used separately they’re only moderately effective. These solo ad ROI boosters deliver game-changing results when used in unison, because their effect compounds. Compounding principle is best explained using the ancient Wheat and Chessboard fable.

Run Solo Ad Clicks to a Squeeze Page

The purpose of running a solo ad is to build a list. I’m not saying you can’t make instant sales with solo ads traffic. You can. And you should. But don’t get your priorities mixed up chasing the cash. At the end of the day, you’ll always make more sales with solo ads when you build your email list first and sell your product second. Here’s some money-math to prove I’m right:

If you run 100 solo ad clicks to a sales page selling $20 product, you’ll make 2 sales. This is a fair assumption because 1%-3% is the average visitor to sale conversion rate on a solid offer industry-wide. When solo ad is finished, you’re left with 2 customers and $40.

If you run 100 solo ad clicks to a squeeze page asking for an email address, your outcome can be severely different. Assuming you got a high-converting squeeze page, you’ll generate 40-60 new email opt ins on your email list. These subscribers will proceed to your sales page where 1 or 2 will commit. This is where it gets exciting for the solo ad buyer. On one hand it may seem like you made half the money, because you made just one $20 sale. But that’s not true. You also got 39-59 new prospects on your email list you are now going to follow up with. And if your email follow up sequence is any good, it will make you 5-8 sales. Plus, once you’ve exhausted all attempts to convert your subscribers into customers with your own offer, you can promote affiliate offers.

Follow Up With Your Leads Until They Buy Or Unsubscribe

It’s true what they say. The gold is in the follow up. Fortunes are lost on the internet by the ignorance of assuming good leads should convert into sales immediately. Many people who join Igor’s Solo VIP Club admit they wished they started working with us sooner. My best customers court my offers for months before committing.

It’s a money-making paradox. To make sales faster with solo ad clicks, you have to market slower. If you rush the sale, you lose it.

At first, I used to fight this occurrence. I thought a great traffic source delivers leads that buy in droves and buy fast. But after spending thousands of dollars on all kinds of traffic sources, including the hyped-up Facebook ads (that are nowhere near as profitable as FB ads gurus tried to convince me they are), I learned that conversions take time and dozens of exposures to an offer.

Why? Because there are dozens of personal variables outside of your control that are always in the way of the sale. Sometimes the prospect just isn’t paying attention because they got bigger fish to fry that week. Other times they’re just waiting for the perfect offer and yours ain’t it. And other times it could be about pain. As in their problems not causing them enough of it to move their duff and buy your solution.

Like water slowly chipping away at a rock, your email follow up patiently yet persistently chips away at your subscribers until they either buy or unsubscribe. You won’t convert every subscriber on your list. And yes, many will leave. But many will stay and buy. Many who didn’t buy the first time they landed on your sales page. How long will it take? As long as necessary. What do you care? Those emails are automated anyway!

Run Solo Ad Clicks To A Sales Funnel With Upsells

Common sense says to make a lot of money you need of customers. That logic works in the lemonade stand business. It doesn’t work with solo ads. Solo ad clicks are backwards when it comes to calculating your bottom line. You make more with fewer customers. The reason why it works this way is because buyer is a buyer is a buyer. It’s easier to get more money from someone who just gave you some than it is to get someone who never bought from you to pull out their credit card for the first time. Recoup your solo ad clicks investment by selling more to the people who are already spending money with you.

Place Retargeting Pixel On Your Thank You Page

Stalking your clients on the web after they visit your website is called retargeting. Since there’s no rulebook saying you should only retarget your Facebook traffic, you can retarget anyone, including your solo ad clicks. So place a retargeting pixel on your thank you page to retarget the prospects who raised their hand saying they’re interested.

Some of the ways you can remarket to these leads are:

• Showcase testimonials from happy customers
• Offer a case study
• Present a limited-time special offer
• Give away bonuses
• Announce coupon codes
• Get them on a free webinar

If you run a lot of solo ad clicks, you’ll be able to quickly build a retargeting audience. Use it to build a lookalike audience for your Google Display and Facebook ads.

Capture Exit Traffic With Move Out Pops and Exit Intents

There’s two types of website visitors: the ones who take action (opt in, click, watch video, buy, etc) and the ones who leave. People who leave your squeeze page without engaging it are as good dead. Only you had to pay to get them here. That sucks. Unless you capture some of them before they split.

And why wouldn’t you, really? You’re already losing these customers. You got nothing to lose. But what if you could get at least 10% of people who have one foot out the door to come back? On every 1,000 solo ad clicks purchased, you’d gain an extra 40-100 email subscribers. And guess what? These subscribers are going to be just as responsive as the ones who opted in without an exit bribe!

The best way to snatch some of your exit traffic is by using move out pops and exit intents. You can nab almost 15% of your exit traffic back onto your email list using an exit intent software such as OptiMonk or OptinMonster. There are tons of WordPress plugins to capture exit traffic too. Some are even available for free.

Use Proof

People are social animals. In situations where they’re not sure what’s the right action to take, they assume the right thing to do is what vast majority of their peers do. So if you see a bunch of people running in one direction and you just happen to be walking the opposite way, you’ll likely to feel a sudden urge to turn around and join the mob. If you try to fight this feeling, you’re going to experience a lot of grief until eventually you’ll change your mind. If you don’t, it probably means you’re a sociopath. But I digress. Your client is browsing the internet on their own. There’s no mobs or crowds. But the same social proof (or social pressure) can be created using Proof.

Proof is a website plugin that creates the aura of social proof for your product by displaying how many people bought it recently. You can also set up Proof to show how many people opted in to your email list, watched a video, clicked on something or simply visited your website. In a non-intrusive way it tells your visitors “Hey, lots of people buy from me. You should too!”

Build a Push Notifications Audience

You know that annoying notification that pops up when you’re binging Netflix on your iPad saying you got a new email or that it’s time to meditate? Yes, that’s a push notification. Push notifications are a lot like text messages, but they use a different technology to pop alerts on your client’s smartphone, tablet and computer. You can use push notification management software such as Pushcrew to sign your landing page visitors up to your push notification alerts. You don’t even need to bribe your visitors with a freebie. Just display a message inviting them to sign up for your notifications and many will.

Will this distract them from opting in to your email list? Sure. Testing shows a slight drop in opt ins on landing pages with push notification alerts. We’re giving up a portion of our email subscribers. Is it worth it? You bet! Because we’re building a push notifications list while building our email list. We’re building two lists for the price of one. Okay, great, Igor. But what does it mean for our bottom line?

Push notifications are easy to use and hard to ignore. Unlike email that lands into an inbox that’s already gushing with unread messages, push notifications appear in singular form on the user’s screen making it easy to read and click on them. There are no restrictions or spam filters. There’s only one limitation – character count. You’ve got to bait the reader with less than 60 words. Not impossible, but maybe challenging for some.

Healthy push notification list produces 12%-30% click through rates. The traffic you get from a push list is lower in quality compared to an email click. I recommend using warm-up/presell pages when using push notifications to increase response.

Optimize Your Webpages For Mobile Traffic

If Steve Jobs would be alive, he’d be saying “told you so!”, because we’re now a smartphone nation. Your smartphone is no longer just a phone. It’s your life-line. It replaced a bunch of other tools you used to depend on to survive. Books, notepads, radio, TV, GPS, heart rate monitor, music player, walkie-talkie, modem, newspaper, gaming console, video rendering equipment and a recording studio – your smartphone can be all that and more simultaneously.

I know people who refuse to own a computer. They don’t see a need in one. They get by with their smartphone just fine. A friend of mine owns a tattoo parlor. She manages her entire business from her smartphone. That’s an extreme of course. Most people use both their smartphone and their computer. I know, I’ve tested this. But there’s no running away from the fact that people now spend an average of 4.5 hours per day looking at the bright-lit screen in their palm.

Nearly 60% of all internet traffic at any given point in time is mobile.

Yes, solo ads too. Solo ad clicks are primarily email traffic. Checking email is ranked as the #2 most common reason people use their phone. Texting is #1. Making and taking calls is #11. It says a lot about where the marketplace is and where it’s going to be in 5 years.

Mobile user experience is vital, so marketers who fail to create user friendly mobile experience are leaving untold riches on the table. It goes double for baby boomer customers. They’re moving away from their desks because they can’t see a difference between their computer and their smartphone. If Mary can’t read your sales page or watch your VSL on the new Note8 her kids got her for mother’s day, she’ll take her money elsewhere!

Close More Sales Using a High-Converting Bridge Page

If I wanted to introduce my friend John, I could do it one of two ways.

Option #1: John’s a loving father of two and a skilled IT specialist.

Option #2: John’s an egomaniac and a skilled IT specialist.

The first option frames John as a warm and fuzzy teddy bear. The second description frames John as someone you wouldn’t invite to a Christmas party. Why is that? Because frames matter. Frame is a word used to describe the boundaries around an experience or an event. It’s another way in which we filter our perceptions of our world based using our mental template or our internal representations. This is usually outside of our conscious awareness. Yet it creates automatic ways of thinking about things.

There are no boundaries to what the human mind can reframe. We do it all the time even when we don’t think about it. Framing is a useful evolutionary skill because it helps us make sense of the world around us. It helps us tell right from wrong. It manages our expectations. In addition, it also helps us influence ourselves and others by managing perceptions of things and people. It works because perception is reality. Whatever we believe is true automatically becomes true for us even if twenty seven thousand experts disagree.

Frames can be used deliberately to shape the perceptions of others about the products you’re marketing.

Prospect’s mind is like play doe. It’s receptive to the right type of input. Best way to offer new data that shapes perception is through a bridge page. It’s a sandwich page between your landing page and sales page. Bridge pages make a huge difference in conversions because they allow you to control the frame with which the prospect perceives the offer.

There are many ways to frame-control. My favorite is storytelling. Grab this storyselling guide where I show you how to use bridge pages and stories to create profitable affiliate frames.

Use Real-Time Email Lead Validation

Cashier hands over my credit card and thanks me for my purchase. I just got my wife a MAC make up kit for $2,000. I’m in a hurry. I thank her for her service and get ready to leave when she stops me and asks for my email address and phone number. I ask why does she need it. She says it’s a company policy. Without hesitation I jot down a fake email and phone number on a card and I’m on my way. Why didn’t I give her my actual contact details? Who knows? I never consciously thought about it. I just did it. It felt right.

This experience had profound effect on me as a marketer. That moment, walking out of the store, I asked myself – are my customers doing the exact same thing? Am I buying solo ad clicks only to be given fake email addresses because my clients are unconsciously withholding their contact details? As someone who buys tens of thousands of solo ad clicks each and every day I felt my time would be well invested into finding out how many of the solo ad leads I was generating on my email list were fake and how many were real. The results shocked me.

How To Protect Yourself Against Fake Solo Ad Leads

It turned out nearly 50% of the solo ads traffic I was buying resulted in fake email opt ins on my list. I was losing thousands of dollars every day on generating email addresses that weren’t real. After spending hundreds of hours scouting the internet for legitimate solo ad providers I still ended up wasting half my advertising budget on fake leads. My list was full of fake opt ins that were bringing my delivery rates down, hurting my open rates and inflating my autoresponder bill. It hurt. It hurt so bad I had to do something about it immediately. And I did.

I signed up for a service that verifies opt ins in real time. It prevents people from entering fake emails into my squeeze page form. I thought that as a result of putting in this kind of additional barrier, my opt in rate is going to plummet and I’ll make fewer sales. But it didn’t. The opt in rate remained exactly the same and sales went up because I had more real eye balls hitting my pages. My email open rates skyrocketed. My CTR is through the roof. Email engagement went up.

As a result of seeing how important lead validation is, we developed our own validation software VerifyShark. It’s not for sale. We use it on our own pages and on the pages of our clients who run risk-free solo ads with our solo ads agency. We decided to offer all our clients a free squeeze page with our validation script installed for free, because we believe that by helping you get higher ROI with solo ads we set you up for success and get a client for life.

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