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10 Solo Ad Clicks Profit Boosting Hacks

Solo Ad Clicks

Solo ad sellers are to internet marketing beginners what mermaids are to sailors because they’re seductive and deadly at the same time. Anyone who ever struggled with getting leads using social media, Facebook ads or Google AdWords, when first discovers solo ad clicks, is in awe with their speed, simplicity and scalability potential. Innocent online business owners flock to solo ad sellers like ships that were lost at sea for half a decade flock to a distant spotlight. They seek hope and salvation. They find nearly-certain death.

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Why most people don’t break even with solo ads

Break Even

There’s two schools of thought when it comes to buying solo ads.

#1 – Get a good sales funnel and expect to make some of your money back quickly using a low ticket front end offer, while banking on getting the rest over the long haul through your email follow up sequence.

#2 -If you’re not making all of your advertising dollars back immediately, don’t waste your time tweaking, because you’ve been sold bad traffic.

I agree with neither.

Both schools of thought are dead wrong.

Truth is…

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