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How to generate 50% opt-in rates with a solo ad squeeze page

Solo Ad Squeeze Page

Common marketing wisdom instructs us – Keep It Simple, Stupid. This wisdom also holds true when it comes to building a solo ad squeeze page.

If you want to make maximum money in minimum time, you should never complicate things for your potential customer.

There’s always the risk your prospect may get confused, bored or discouraged and take their money elsewhere.

You should make it easy to order.

You should be crystal clear about what you’re selling.

And you should never waste your buyers’ time.

It’s an age old advice that tracks back to the days when the forefathers of marketing, sales and copywriting (salesmanship in print) were making money in mail order.

There was no internet. There even weren’t any phones yet.

But even then – they knew – the more barriers you had between the prospect and your product, the less money you were going to make.

This wisdom transferred over to the internet as soon as marketers figured out how to put a sales letter on the web.

When Mark Joyner created and sold the first eBook, he already knew this rule. And he never violated it. He drove traffic to his sales letter, converted cold prospects into sales and built a buyer list.

Unfortunately, a lot has changed since.

And while, for the most part, this rule remains true – you really shouldn’t overcomplicate your marketing – sometimes you have to break this rule to make more money.

How To Make Money With Solo Ads

When you’re buying solo ads, you should deliberately make your potential customers jump through hoops.

You should build barriers that force them to work harder to get to your core offer.


Because you’ll make more money.

Thing is, over the course of the last 10 years, the proverbial prospect had matured.

She’s less emotional.

She’s no longer receptive to claims.

Sometimes she’s just skeptical.

And other times, she’s trying to act rationally when making buying decisions.

She’s not as daring as she was when marketers first started using the internet.

It takes longer to convert her from a cold visitor to a buyer. It requires over thirty additional exposures to your offer after she first visits your website. If you don’t feel this is true, just take a quick look at your Facebook feed, your email inbox and your YouTube channel.

Pick up on how you’re being pixeled and retargeted. How you’re being slammed with follow up emails. How you’re being offered a first-time-client-discount coupons.

There’s now more money invested in remarketing and follow up marketing than in driving cold traffic.

Great marketing has shifted from being all about making the loudest claims (backed up by evidence) to being all about making a modest claim consistently.

Thanks for the history lesson, Igor, but what does any of this has to do with Squeeze Pages and Solo ads?

Common mistake I see solo ad beginners make is buy clicks directly to their sales pages and VSLs.

They’ve got great intentions. In fact, this move makes a lot of sense, if you’re trying to keep things simple.

But it just doesn’t work that way with solo ads.

When you send clicks directly to the sales page, you’re wasting 99% of the affiliate marketing traffic you’re paying for.

No matter how great your sales page, how irresistible the offer, how credible the expert… Most people won’t buy the first time they land on your page.

They may be skeptical about the claims you’re making. They may have been burned in the past and deliberately delay their decision even if they desperately need what you’re selling. And they may believe the claims, but not sure if it’s right for them. In addition, they may want it bad, but out of money because they just paid the electric bill. Or… They may have clicked the order button, but get distracted by their dog humping their leg or their child needing a ride to the soccer practice.

No matter the reason – expect most of your time customers skirting the order form for a while before playing ball.

How Barriers Help Convert Better With Solo Ads

If you’re sending traffic directly to your sales page or VSL, best case scenario, you’ll make 1-3 sales for every 100 [high-quality] solo ad clicks. You’ve gained several customers and you lost 97 potential clients.

If you’re sending traffic to a solo ad squeeze page that redirects to your VSL upon successful optin, it may seem, at first, that you’re shooting yourself in the foot, because only about 40-50 prospects out of the 100 will share their name and email address with you. Maybe even less.

But here’s where it gets interesting.

50 prospects opted in to your solo ad squeeze page. That’s 50 names on your email list. Out of those 50, because they’re more committed, you’ll get same 1-3 sales on your VSL. Only this time, you also have 47 people on your list that you’re now able to follow up with and make additional sales.

Now before you scoff and tell me if they don’t buy right away – they don’t buy, allow me to assure you – if you know what you’re doing with your email follow up sequence, you will close at least another 30%-50% of these prospects over time. They may not commit tomorrow. But they’ll commit.

But wait there’s more.

If you install an exit pop or exit intent on your squeeze page, you’ll collect another 5%-15% opt ins from the “dead” traffic that’s leaving your landing page without opting in. That’s more people on your list and more sales.

Anyway you spin it – driving solo ads traffic to a squeeze page first generates higher ROI.

The Perfect Solo Ad Squeeze Page

Squeeze page (also known as capture page) is the first page in your solo ad sales funnel that’s designed with one goal in mind – to get the prospects to identify herself by entering her email address into an opt in form.

It’s not supposed to sell your product. State your guarantee. Outline your unique selling proposition. Or tell people you’re real person and how much you enjoy helping them.

A good solo ad squeeze page ‘squeezes’ the prospect’s email and sends her off to the next page in the funnel.

This is where, typically, opinions clash. There’s two schools of marketing when it comes to squeeze pages.

#1 – The Optin Bribe

First school of thought says you have to offer an opt in bribe in exchange for the prospect’s email. Not only that, but you’re also supposed to give away your best secrets. All free.


Because supposedly the prospect is going to be so blown away by the quality of your content, she’s going to drop everything and give you money without you even asking.

Bribe Solo Ad Squeeze Page

A squeeze page offering a bribe in exchange for your email


This strategy was first introduced by a well-known info marketing and dating guru Eben Pagan (also known as David De Angelo in the dating niche) 12 years ago.

Back then – it worked. But not today. The prospect has become a sophisticated brat, who gladly takes anything she can get for free and leaves.

You shouldn’t offer free bribes on your squeeze pages for the same reason you shouldn’t buy drinks for hot chicks sitting on a bar stool. All you’re trying to do is to impress her and make her like you. But she’s got her own agenda. She just wants to have expensive drinks served to her for free.

The reason you’re building a list is to make money. So why invite the prospect to sign up on your list without a buying intention? Why lure her in with a carrot with no strings? It kinda sorta beats the purpose, don’t it?

Don’t use opt in bribes. Instead use something that works way way way better.

A Big Idea.

How To Increase Your Opt In Rates And Make More Sales With Solo Ads Without An Optin Bribe

Remember I told you about barriers being a good thing?

An optin bribe is a barrier that distracts the prospect from the ideal outcome – exchanging money for product.

Solo Ad Squeeze Page

Professionally crafted squeeze page presenting a big idea


That’s why, instead of trading emails for free reports which appeals to greed, you should appeal to the prospect’s sense of curiosity.

When you do, not only will you pull a much higher opt in rate than any optin bribe solo ad squeeze page ever will. But you’ll also get prospects in the right state of mind before seeing your VSL.

Curiosity squeeze page without an opt in bribe creates an itch the prospect has to scratch. Often, it’s enough to drive the sale home.

High Optin Squeeze Page

Opt-in results from Lance Sumner’s campaigns with Igor Solo Ads, September 2017

4 Elements Of The Perfect Solo Ad Squeeze Page

Follow these rules to easily generate high double digit opt in rates when running solo ads:

One Big Idea Headline – this is 80% of the success of your solo ad squeeze. Focus your headline on one big idea and deliver it in a way that piques the prospect’s curiosity. Don’t reveal anything. Keep it blind.

Avoid Using Video – there’s a common belief that video squeeze pages generate better opt in rates and higher engagement on the follow up. Not my experience. Video turns what’s supposed to be a short and focused action of opting in into a sales presentation. It’s distracting.

Lightweight Design – simplistic design works best because it loads fastest. Nothing’s more annoying than a landing page that takes forever to load. Avoid fancy graphics, video backgrounds and slow-loading images.

Above The Fold – above the fold is anything your visitors see the moment they land on your page, without having to scroll down. Obviously, there are different fold sizes for different devices (mobile and desktop). You shouldn’t let that concern you. What you should concern yourself about is making the opt in form visible and easily accessible. Don’t hide it.

Ask for email without name or phone number – it’s a cardinal sin to collect too much information on your solo ad squeeze page. It repels prospects. It projects neediness. And it ignores one of the most sensitive issues your prospect’s concerned with – privacy. People are touchy about their privacy. They’d much rather share their email address than their real name or phone number. Remove the name and phone field and watch your opt in rate soar by 5%-15%

Build A Solo Ad Squeeze Page Yourself

One of the easiest ways to build a high converting solo ad squeeze page is with ClickFunnels.

Here’s an easy to follow video tutorial I recorded that’ll show you exactly how it’s done..

Get A Free Solo Ad Squeeze Page

If you’re not technical, I invite to claim a free squeeze page when you order your first solo ad with Igor Solo Ads. We’ll not only build it, design it and host it for you, but we’ll also guarantee you’ll get a minimum 30% opt in rate on your solo ad or your money back.

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