Ultimate Solo Ads Guide

How to use affiliate marketing programs to make money with solo ads

On August 18th 2017 John Chow sent out an email saying he broke $900,000 in affiliate marketing commissions with MOBE.

John Chow Record

That works out to $4,097.74 per day or $174.74 an hour for every hour of the day.

John says that MOBE has become his #1 income stream. It has allowed him to drive a Mercedes SL550, Jaguar F-Type and now Tesla Model X for free and it helped him buy a $2,000,000 dream house in cash. It even, he claims, helped him get his son Charlie into one of the top 50 private schools in America. Go John!

John Chow believes MOBE is the best thing that ever happened to him…

MOBE stands for My Online Business Education. These days it’s positioned as a business training company that caters to small business owners.

But the way it started (and what it really is under the hood) is a pay-to-play affiliate program for people looking to start an online business without having to build one from scratch.

Unlike ClickBank or JVZoo affiliate marketing programs, MOBE only pays to people who position themselves within the company. Kind of like an MLM. But without the pyramid.

There’s 5 MOBE certification levels:

MOBE Compensation Levels

See the official MOBE compensation plan to find out what’s included with each certification program.

Certification isn’t free. Each level comes with a price tag. The higher up the levels – the more you’ll need to invest. But besides getting a bunch of awesome internet marketing training (see the comp plan for details) you also get to earn commissions for referring people to MOBE (e.g. become a licensee or a certified consultant).

Here’s what you’ll need to pay to get positioned:

MOBE Positioning

Certified consultants get up to 90% commission on all MOBE training programs sales they refer.

You can choose not to get positioned in which case your referrals will get passed up to the next positioned MOBE licensee up the chain.

So if you decide not to go Platinum with MOBE and refer a Platinum sign up, you can kiss the $10,000 commission good bye.

But that’s not the only commission you’ll have to pass up, because MOBE offers a wide range of products and services you can earn commissions on.

In fact, there’s so much stuff they sell, you need lots of charts to explain it.

MOBE’s also big on fine print. Even if you went Diamond (highest level on the licensing chain), you still may not qualify for all commissions or qualify for a lower payout, depending on whether or not you purchased the program you are marketing, whether you do your own sales or use the $2,497 “We Work Your Leads” service.

Here, it says so in their comp plan document:

MOBE Exclusive

Unfair? Perhaps. But the money’s so good most people just don’t let it bother them.

What’s Best To Promote With Solo Ads: Pay-To-Play (Licensing) vs ClickBank, JVZoo & CPA

Matt Lloyd, the founder, reports MOBE paid out over $100,000,000.00 (that’s one hundred million) in affiliate commissions over the last 10 years.

Almost no ClickBank affiliate marketing program can brag about making its affiliates so much money so fast.

There’s 3 reasons MOBE affiliates are practically vacuuming money:

1. Product Line – MOBE average customer value is off the charts. With 23 training products,14 events and 17 certification levels MOBE offers one of the deepest sales funnels I’ve ever seen. Even if they only paid 10% commission on all of them, you’d still make more money with MOBE than with any other affiliate marketing program.

2. Sales Floor – imagine Wolf of Wall Street-type sales floor following up on your leads 7 days a week trying to get people up the certification ladder while you got paid 90% commission on every sale. MOBE does that for its licensees. A luxury other affiliate marketing programs never offer.

3. Events – when you put a bunch of people with money into a windowless room with free food and drink for 3 days and present them with an exciting business opportunity – incredible things happen. Suddenly, people, who otherwise would act rationally, are willingly spending $10,000, $25,000 and even $60,000.

Internet Marketing Franchise

The first McDonald’s restaurant was an unassuming hamburger stand owned by Richard and Maurice McDonald in California, opened in 1940. But in 1954, a man named Ray Kroc, who had sold the McDonalds his Multimixer milk-shake makers, paid the restaurant a visit, then offered to open several more McDonald’s restaurants.

Kroc eventually bought the company from Dick and Mac McDonald and oversaw McDonald’s worldwide growth to more than 30,000 restaurants today with more than $22 billion in annual revenues. McDonald’s is one of the great American success stories.

Owning a McDonald’s franchise is an easy sell. Once up and running, the company’s international marketing model does the heavy lifting, and provides training support and materials to help its franchisees succeed.

What is MOBE – or any pay-to-play affiliate marketing program like it – if not an internet marketing spin on McDonalds?

The term affiliate program doesn’t fully describe MOBE. It’s more of an online franchise opportunity. In fact, that’s how it’s been sold when it first hit the market almost 10 years ago until Matt Lloyd ran into some legal issues and had to reposition it as “licensing.”

Is Licensing Worth The Money?

John Chow insists licensing is the best online business model ever invented. But let’s not forget that John Chow was an internet marketing super star before he joined MOBE.

He became MOBE’s #1 affiliate within the first few months thanks to having a large audience that read his blog. All he had to do was to just send out an email telling his list he joined MOBE and he immediately had hundreds of people crawl over broken glass to join through his link.

MOBE further boosted his success by featuring him as speaker at all of their events.

So, yeah, to someone like John Chow – the MOBE membership is worth its weight in gold.

But what if you don’t have a list, a blog, an audience, a tribe or even a supportive spouse?

First, compared to McDonalds $45,000 franchise fee + anywhere between $989,352 and $2,217,045 investment, MOBE’s licensing fees are laughably small.

Second, if you add up how much money an average internet marketer spends on info products, seminars and coaching within their first 3 years online – you’ll probably end up with about the same amount.

Third, think of all the things you won’t have to learn how to do like build a sales funnel, write your own follow up sequence, create products, write sales letters, shoot VSLs, hire developers, the list goes on and on.

4th, you need to push hundreds of units to make decent money on ClickBank and JVZoo. Even CPA will only stretch as high as $100 per sale. MOBE affiliates earn tens of thousands of dollars per one customer.

Lawrence, a client of my solo ad agency, promotes MOBE regularly with us. Since Lawrence uses a solo ads tracking software and knows his numbers, he recently reported a 1,000 lead campaign brought him a $20,000.00 commission:

Lawrence Success Story

That won’t just cover the solo ad cost. It will cover his mortgage, electric and car payment for a few months!

Licensing Beyond MOBE

Following MOBE’s extraordinary success, dozens of licensing opportunities hatched in recent years. Not all of them are as advanced as MOBE in terms of average commission value, product line or back end support. But they’re working hard to be.

Some of these programs position themselves as software, others are educational platforms. Potato-potato. It doesn’t matter what you call it. They all offer the same thing: a product to sell and a done-for-you marketing system to sell it.

There’s a licensing opportunity for every niche and income.

Here’s a quick list of the ones my solo ad agency gets most requests from (no affiliate links, promise!):

– iPro Academy – founded by Dean Holland, an ex-JVZoo and ClickBank super affiliate. It teaches people how to make money with affiliate marketing and blogging. Fairly modest product line capping at $1,000+ commission.

Six Figure Mentors (Digital Experts Academy) founded in 2010 by Stuart Ross (dating super affiliate) and Jay Kubassek, an ex-muffler salesman later MLM super-recruiter and later Carbon Copy Pro co-founder. Commissions extend all the way to a $10,000 per sale.

Elite Marketing Pro founded by Tim Erway, Mike Dillard’s ex-business partner. EMP offers internet marketing education on traffic, copywriting, attraction marketing, list building, the works. They also host the yearly No Excuses Summit.

Legendary Marketer – when Empower Network duo split up, David Sharpe went on to become a super affiliate in another opportunity. After a while he decided to take all the experience he amassed from running one of the largest online biz opps in history and start a new company. Only this time he would do it his way. Dave’s program is one of the better licensing opportunities that hit the market in 2016-17. The commission structure is solid going all the way up to several thousand dollars a sale. What I like about it most is that it converts better than all the other business opportunities combined. The dude just gets it. He knows how to sell one-to-many.

Michael Cheney’s 7-Figure Franchise – out of all online licensing and franchise opportunities, this one converts best for me. It also offers the most outrageous income guarantee of all online franchises. Plus, it’s super affordable for people who are stuck in the rat race. You won’t need to mortgage your home for this one. Michael Cheney is an internet marketing veteran with almost 20 years of experience. His funnels are pure gold. If there ever was a McDonalds-like franchise online – this is it. Highly recommended if you’re currently stuck without an offer and would like to get in the game while making the most money while learning. Attend this free webinar to learn more.

Should You Promote More Than One Affiliate Marketing Program At A Time?

After you’ve tested and found one affiliate offer that converts, make it the center of your marketing universe.

Choose the offer with the highest Average Commission Value to make as much solo ad money back as possible.

Once you’ve built your marketing around this one high ACV offer, support it with one or two additional affiliate offers that are complementary to your primary one.

Don’t try to appeal to a different interest. Instead think of what else your customer should buy if they bought your primary offer.

Common mistake affiliate marketers make is they assume their customers won’t buy more of the same. This faulty thinking is rooted in commerce. No one is going to buy a car or a breakfast cereal if they just bought one.

The opposite is true in affiliate marketing.

Especially in the make money online and internet marketing niche. Especially when it comes to instant gratification products such as information, coaching and software.

I run an elite solo ad coaching program where I train people one on one on solo ads, list building and email marketing. My clients pay me $497 per month to be members.

At the same time, they’re members of at least 3 pay-to-play business opportunities, they own at least 2 email autoresponder accounts, most of them invested in ClickFunnels and bought books I asked them to buy on Amazon.

My point – there’s no roof. No glass ceiling.

There’s no limit to how many products you can sell to the same person. It’s a matter of positioning and personal preference.

My preference is to offer programs for as long as the customer is willing to buy them. As long as I verify the legitimacy of these programs first and can see the massive value in what I’m promoting.

Perfect Squeeze Page For Affiliate Marketing Offers

Promoting affiliate marketing products with solo ads without a squeeze page is like taking out a high-interest loan to cover credit card debt.

The primary goal of buying solo ads is to build a list (And yes there really is such a thing as solo ads that work not only for those who sell them).

An email list is a money-making asset you can nurture for long-term profits. Keyword here is “long-term,” not “profits.”

Makes sense, Igor. So I’ll just choose an affiliate marketing program with a squeeze page. Right?


Never use the standard affiliate squeeze pages you’re given by the product owner.


Because by using their squeeze page you’re spending your money building their list.

I cover most of what you need to know about creating high-converting solo ad squeeze pages in the 1st part of the Ultimate Solo Ads Guide.

There’s a slight difference between building a squeeze page for your own sales funnel and building one to promote affiliate marketing offers.

Most marketers just lick the headline off the VSL word-for-word and slap it on their capture page. They think if it’s congruent – it should convert.


Congruency is over rated.

High-converting affiliate marketing squeeze page excites the prospect by conveying a big idea (either gaining pleasure or moving away from pain).

Often, this idea has been overlooked by the product owner who wrote the sales letter.

For example, here’s a ClickBank offer that you may want to promote as an affiliate. Created by Patrick Chan, a Singaporean internet marketing guru, it seems like it checks out.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Most marketers who promote this offer – knock off this headline word for word.


For no other reason than believing that Patrick Chan tested the offer and it’s the best headline anyone can come up with for this product.

Testing is a lot like exercising and healthy eating – everyone knows it’s good for you and you should do it because you’ll live longer and feel better. But few people actually do it.

Never assume the vendor tests anything. Most vendors are too lazy for that. Often, the offer remains exactly the same for years.

The only time the vendor gives an offer a facelift is when his traffic is down because affiliates lost interest.

We can write a much better headline for this offer, generate higher opt in rates and make more sales. Here’s three examples:

“Who Else Wants To Make Money From Home Giving Away FREE Software?”

This is an easy one. It sort of jumped at me when I saw this VSL slide:

“How I Built A Huge List Giving Away Free Software & Report And Used It To Become A ClickBank Super Affiliate!”

Headline appeals to internet marketers with some experience who have been told they should build their list. It also implies a story of transformation. Those are always exciting. This is the part of the VSL that gave me the idea for headline:

“Enjoy All The Benefits Of Your Own Internet Marketing Business Without Creating Your Own Product, Researching A Niche Or Doing Any Customer Support”

This is a classic have what you want without thing you hate sort of headline. Easy to write if you know your market and if the affiliate sales letter has a “what you’ll never have to do” copy like this:

Few rules for writing squeeze page headlines for affiliate offers:

Research – the good copy is usually hidden deep in the sales letter. Don’t swipe the headline. Everyone does that. Instead, read the entire sales letter (or take notes watching the entire VSL) to find the gold.

Angle – novelty sells. But few products are truly novel today. Often, it’s old products sold at a new angle. Look for an exciting new angle. Think of it as getting your foot in the door with your best line if you were a door to door salesman or woman.

Who – think of the person who’s going to be reading the headline. Think of their deepest fears, most pressing urges and ideal outcome. Some of my best headlines never mention the product.

Don’t bribe, use a big idea instead – appeal to curiosity using a big idea. They work better than opt in bribes. They attract better prospects.

Use formulas – save time writing your headlines.

Use ClickFunnels to build your affiliate squeeze page.

ClickFunnels squeeze pages are mobile-friendly, can easily be equipped with exit pops and work with every autoresponder.

Here’s how to build your first ClickFunnels squeeze page in minutes.

Some email autoresponders hate affiliate marketers. Make sure you choose an affiliate-friendly autoresponder.

If you’re promoting internet marketing/work from home programs with solo ads – Aweber or Getresponse are your safest bet to build a list without getting shut down.

How To Double Your Affiliate Sales With Bridge Pages

Bridge page is a sandwich page between your squeeze page and your affiliate link.

Bridge pages make a huge difference. You’d be hard pressed to find a super affiliate that doesn’t use them.

Funny thing though, I prowled the internet for advice on how to build the perfect bridge page for affiliate marketing and came up with nothing.

Most of the advice I dug up was dead wrong. And quite frankly confusing.

I decided to explain once and for all how to build the perfect bridge page to promote affiliate marketing offers with solo ads.

Reason most affiliates have bridges pages backasswards is because they got their priorities mixed up.

Perfect bridge page accomplishes 6 key objectives:

– Get the reader to like you and trust you – in a world infested with advertising, marketing and lies, people prefer to follow the advice of people they like and trust.

– Present the program you’re promoting as a solution to a problem prospect is experiencing right now – the best way to sell affiliate products is by positioning them as solutions to hard-pressing problems. Especially if you lack the authority, credibility or expert status within the niche to command sales purely based on your word.

– Increase follow up response – there’s 3 types of prospects: [hot] ready to buy now, [cold] not ready to buy now and [lukewarm] undecided. Most visitors are lukewarm. You’ll have to follow up with them via email. It’s so important, I devoted a whole section of the guide to showing you how to build the perfect email follow up sequence. Bridge page warms them up to you. They’ll know who you are and why they should listen to you. Your email response will go up and so will your sales.

– Address objections – even the hottest prospects have unanswered questions that are keeping them from committing to a purchase. Obvious, yet often ignored fact by affiliate marketers. Bridge page presents an opportunity to address these obstacles before presenting the offer.

Also don’t forget the following…

– Spark interest & gain attention – people browse the internet in a state of drowsiness. Especially if they’re on their phone waiting for the lights to change on their way to or from work. Bridge page is the perfect place to wake them up, spark genuine interest and gain attention.

– Compliance – if you’re doing any form of network advertising (Facebook, AdWords, YouTube, etc), you’re going to run into compliance issues because advertising networks hate affiliate marketers. Bridge page gets you around the red tape, keeps your advertising account safe and allows you to advertise where 99% of affiliates aren’t allowed to play.

Bridge Page vs Bridge Video

Some people argue that bridge videos are far more effective than text pre-sell pages.

There’s no hard evidence that I was able to track down to prove that to be true.

Personally, I go with video, because I’m comfortable in front of a camera.

But when I started, I always stuck to written copy because my accent made it difficult for the viewer to understand what I was saying. I also struggled with my voice. Growing up I had a girly voice. Frankly, I was ashamed of it.

If you can relate, and you don’t have the perfect pitch, vocal tone and delivery – stick to written copy.

There’s power in being able to deliver the perfect pitch on video. Same written copy delivered with the right tone, speed and resonance will always get you more sales.

Problem is – few people are born with a naturally strong voice. Even fewer know how to use their voice to create an aura of authority and trust.

I certainly was never one to be able to do that.

But things are different now.

I’m comfortable with my voice thanks to following this training. I was able to get rid of my high-pitched girly voice. I replaced it with a confident and commanding voice that I use to create high-converting VSLs.

That’s how I went from being someone who hates the sound of their own voice to starting my own list building podcast where I use the power of my new voice to get my clients to become fans for life.

How To Write The Perfect Bridge Page For Solo Ads

Start by answering these two questions:

– What is the “hair on fire” problem my market has?

– What is the super power they wish they had?

The best way to get a stranger’s attention and instantly win over their trust is to tell them about their problems in their own words.

When you do, you show up as someone who understands them. Someone they can trust.

Having explained the problem, introduce a solution they haven’t tried before – your affiliate link.

There’s two ways to do that.

You can be direct, if you’re certain it’s a pressing problem like back pain.

Another way, when you offer a cure to a less pressing problem, is to tell stories.

Storytelling is the perfect indirect marketing approach that flies under the radar and meets virtually no resistance from the prospect.

Grab my course on Affiliate Marketing Storytelling here.

This course gives you a tested framework for Storyselling affiliate marketing programs I’ve followed for years.

It even offers you fill in the blanks questions you need to answer to create your entire story from scratch.

When you’ve got your story, all you need is to correctly “install” it on your bridge page. I recommend using ClickFunnels to do that.

Here’s a tutorial out of my course that walks you through setting up your bridge page with ClickFunnels:

How To Increase Your Affiliate Sales With Bonuses

What’s easier to market than a product that offers great value for money?

A product that offers insane value for money, of course.

Imagine if you were considering to buy a Porsche 911. How much more likely would you say yes if the dealer said they’ll throw in a 2008 Ferrari as a bonus if you buy today?

Obviously, it can’t be done with cars.

But it can be easily done with information products, affiliate marketing promotions and virtually any digital product or service where you’re exchanging your time and expertise for money.

It pays to offer a “too good to be true” bonus to anyone who buys through your affiliate link. It pushes people off the fence and it gives your clients a reason to act now.

Remember the guy who made $900,000+ with MOBE in 229 days?

He couldn’t have done it without stacking up bonuses on top of his pitch.

Here’s a follow up email he sends out several days after you join his list:

He’s giving away $4,000 worth of bonuses if you buy the $49 MOBE membership.

This is crazy good value. But that’s not all.

He then makes it totally unfair by saying you can keep the bonuses even if you hate MOBE and ask for your $49 back.

He enforces scarcity and gives a legitimate reason why you should act now.

A high-value bonus is affiliate marketer’s best friend.

It will make you more money, guaranteed.

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